About Us


 When we came to US some 10+ years ago, we had no experience cooking but had a taste bud mastered to appreciate a good fresh food.  So once in US, we were amazed by the variety of food found in here and started visiting a variety of restaurants. But slowly, our taste bud started craving food from back home; which wasn't being satisfied even by the Nepalese/Indian restaurants around.

Then we realized, in every culture, there exists two kind of authentic foods. One found in the commercial locations like restaurants and another made in everyone's Home, daily. Now the food from Home is what we would eat most of the time and restaurants were a special treat. As restaurant food was a rare treat, we valued it more back then and neglected the healthy fresh food at home. 

Now once in US, the commercial authentic food were readily available and it was great but to our surprise, it was the taste from the Home cooked authentic Himalayan food that we were missing. So, with our taste bud and memory guiding us, Roshi started cooking Nepalese Food. As the local ingredients from Himalayas were hard to find in here, Roshi started experimenting with the ingredients found here to reach the taste from the Homes of Nepal.  After seven plus years of dedication, she was finally able to cook a  lot of Nepalese food with the perfection and the same magical taste we craved for.

Another aspect of our life; we really enjoy  the company of people and even in our regular life we host a lot of get together. In the last two years, Roshi started receiving huge compliments for her food and our guests would be waiting for an invitation to try her food. Even our Parents, who never knew Roshi could cook were mesmerized by the flavors, she conjured in here. The love of food and people's company made us realize, why not share this magic with the World and thus CHULO came to existence as of 05/12/2018. The love of food inspires us to create mouth watering flavors and the love of people inspires us to make it fresh everyday and serve with a smile.